John C. Laughlin, M.Eng., P.E.

Mr. Laughlin has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in bioengineering from Texas A&M University. During his undergraduate, he focused on electrical engineering and while studying for his graduate degree, he focused on biomechanical engineering. Mr. Laughlin has studied the biomechanical properties of human tissues using cadaveric and theoretical models. He has been a key participant in several U.S. and international clinical trials involving neuromodulation devices. Additionally, Mr. Laughlin has experience with surgical tools, orthopedic devices, drug delivery and hospital equipment. He has experience writing research protocols and reviewing them for institutional review boards. Mr. Laughlin has published and presented in the areas of orthopedic biomechanics, neuromodulation, accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics. He also has a patent for a device which evaluates patient compliance for an externally worn medical device. Mr. Laughlin has the expertise to help in the board room, laboratory or operating suite.

As a forensic engineer, Mr. Laughlin has investigated incidents involving automobiles (rollovers, multiple impacts, commercial vehicles), railroad equipment, commercial aircraft interiors, watercraft, amusement park rides, walking surfaces, violence, industrial/railroad/hospital equipment, medical devices and product failures. Mr. Laughlin comprehends the human factors and physics of accident scenarios as well as orthopedic biomechanics. As a licensed biomedical and mechanical engineer, he can analyze the mechanics of a vehicle accident or product failure and determine its relationship to the claimed injuries. In addition, he has testified over 70 times in deposition and trial.

Mr. Laughlin is licensed as a professional biomedical and mechanical engineer.

Mr. Laughlin is a diplomate of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (Senior Member)

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