George Yanulis, M.Eng. M.S., D.Eng.

Dr. Yanulis has a Master of Engineering degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Virginia, a Master of Science from the University of Pittsburgh and a Doctor of Engineering from a joint collaborative program offered between Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. During his graduate studies, he focused on biomedical instrumentation design theory and applications, biomaterials and biocompatibility issues, control systems theory, cardiovascular signal analysis, physiological monitoring, cardiovascular device research & development and artificial organ design and while studying for his graduate degrees, he focused on biomedical, biomechanical, human anatomy & physiology and electrical engineering. Dr. Yanulis has studied the bioelectric, biomechanical and biochemical properties of animal tissue studies, human tissues using cadaveric and theoretical models. He has been a key participant in the U.S. in clinical trials involving cardiac resynchronization management therapy devices. Additionally, Dr. Yanulis has experience with surgical tools, cardiovascular devices, cardiac pacemaker devices, cardiac echocardiography, preclinical medical device trials, FDA device design controls, project Management, technology transfer, and intellectual property Issues.

He has experience writing research protocols, peer-reviewed publications and reviewing them for institutional review boards. Dr. Yanulis has the expertise to help in the board room, laboratory or operating suite.

As a forensic engineer, Dr. Yanulis has investigated incidents involving medical devices and product failures. Dr. Yanulis comprehends the human factors and engineering scenarios of cardiovascular devices, cardiac and neurological pacing devices.

In addition to Dr. Yanulis' consulting experiences, he has served as an adjunct assistant professor in engineering science & physics department at the College of Staten Island he has taught physics courses and has been actively co-collaborated with another faculty member on developing a new biomedical engineering course, entitled "Biomedical Medical Engineering Instrumentation Design Theory and Applications," for senior undergraduate students at College of Staten Island of the City University of New York.

Dr. Yanulis is a member of both the Biomedical Engineering Society, American Heart Association.

In addition to these services, we offer 3D modeling based upon CT, MRI or PET scans which can be used analytically or as powerful demonstrative evidence. We have extensive experience directing and designing animations for use in marketing, training and courtroom presentations. Our network of animators and illustrators bring the right experience to projects requiring engineering and anatomical expertise.

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