Forensic and Medical Device Consultants

Laughlin Engineering Firm, LLC, is dedicated to providing ethical and quality biomedical and forensic engineering services to our clients. Our talented consultants provide scientific and regulatory support to medical device companies, law firms, institutional review boards, government agencies and other engineering firms.

Our forensic team has the experience necessary to help you determine the facts regarding your case. We offer scientific analyses in the following areas:

Our medical device clients will benefit from our years of experience working with Class III medical devices. We have experience with US and international clinical trials and regulations. Our focus is start-up to mid-size companies and offer services in the following areas:

In addition to these services, we offer 3D modeling based upon CT, MRI or PET scans which can be used analytically or as powerful demonstrative evidence. We have extensive experience directing and designing animations for use in marketing, training and courtroom presentations. Our network of animators and illustrators bring the right experience to projects requiring engineering and anatomical expertise.

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